Monday, 1 February 2010

Evidence by Jonathan Kellerman

When I started working at Headline, my Mum was overjoyed as I would be working on one of her favourite authors: Jonathan Kellerman. I, however, was a Kellerman virgin until very recently when I picked up the hardback of EVIDENCE (out in paperback in March and there will be an exciting marketing campaign - more details very soon).

The book opens with a security guard checking a construction site – a half-finished mansion – for vandals and vagrants. Instead he finds a young couple – dead. Killed during a sexual act.
Enter the wonderful duo Alex Delaware, psychologist, and Milo Sturgis, homicide detective, who set out to solve this intriguing murder. This leads them through the young man’s very interesting love life, into his working life as an architect to a firm that seems very suspicious (check out the scary ice-cold German boss-lady) and into an international conspiracy.

Not only does Jonathan Kellerman write a cracking psychological thriller that will stop you wanting to go to work (do though as otherwise you won’t be afford your crime fix!) but he writes characters that you will want to see again and again. So it’s great that he has a fantastic backlist and some new characters.

As much as I hate to admit she’s right, my Mum was spot on with Kellerman. I hope you enjoy EVIDENCE as much as I did.

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