Friday, 30 April 2010

The launch of The Anatomy of Murder

We have a guest post today from Headline's PR supremo Helena Towers, on the launch of The Anatomy of Murder. Enjoy!
"The first balmy day of the summer was particularly well timed for the launch of Imogen Robertson's second novel The Anatomy of Murder at Goldsboro Books on Wednesday night. It was a busy affair, so luckily lots of guests were able to spill out onto the courtyard to enjoy the warmer weather. For those of you who've not discovered them yet, Imogen Robertson has created two fantastic new detectives Harriet Westerman and Gabriel Crowther, and Anatomy of Murder is their second adventure. The action moves from rural Sussex to London, so it was nice to think that there was some connection to the world in which the characters would have inhabited.

Lovely to see some of the brilliant crime reviews - Mike Stotter, Jake Kerridge and an inimitable Chris Simmons. Thanks must go to David at Goldsboro for launching the party and who has been so brilliantly supportive of Imogen. I'm always agog at quite how many books he manages to cram into such a small shop. It's so nice to talk to David, as someone who has so much passion and enthusiasm for books, and has used this to create such a vibrant business. Although there's so much excitement about reading devices at the moment - I saw my first ipad the other day, v.beautiful - it's nice to see just how majestic the old school hardback can be!"

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