Thursday, 13 May 2010

Creepy posters for I Can See You...

Today Karen Rose's gripping new thriller, I Can See You, is out in paperback. And we wanted to show off our creepy and, hopefully, arresting (oh dear! But I couldn't resist it!) advertising campaign. If you travel on overground trains in London and the south-east you should spot this up at the moment. I can't wait for my train journey at the weekend as it always looks best in situ.

The book is about a killer who stalks his prey online by finding out their dreams, their fears and their vulnerablities - he gets into their lives through their computers. Don't read these at night alone (especially if you have a computer near by!). Also out at the same time is the hardback of Silent Scream - I'm reading this at the moment so look out for my review next week of a brilliant book about an arson that goes wrong when an innocent girl is killed...

Let us know what you think of the advertising and Karen's books.

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